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Elected Officials

All Village of Vernon officials are elected "at large" and serve the entire community.

Village of Vernon Elected Officials

Position Name Phone E-mail Term Expires*
Village President Karen Schuh 414-719-2331 04-2025
Trustee #1 Jim Slawny 262-442-7267 04-2024
Trustee #2 Gary Finch 262-765-6132 04-2025
Trustee #3 Dylan Neumann 414-688-0881 04-2024
Trustee #4 Jeff Millies 262-893-5377 04-2025
Clerk/Administrator Brad Calder 262-662-2039 Appointed
Election Clerk Brad Calder 262-662-2039 Appointed
Treasurer Karen Ray 262-662-2039 Appointed

Waukesha County

County Executive:  Paul Farrow

County Clerk:  Meg Wartman

County Board of Supervisors:

District #15
Supervisor:  Robert L. Kolb
Map:  District #15

District #24
Supervisor:  Larry Bangs
Map:  District #24

District #25
Supervisor:  Darlene M. Johnson
Map:    District #25 

State of Wisconsin

Assembly District #83
State Assembly Representative:  Chuck Wichgers (R)
Map:  Assembly District #83

Senate District #28
State Senator:  Julian Bradley (R)
Map:  Senate District #28

Elected Officials From Waukesha County
State Assembly & State Senate

113th United States Congress (2013-2014) - WI
United States Congressman - 1st District:  Bryan Steil (R)
United States Senator:  Ron Johnson (R)
United States Senator:  Tammy Baldwin (D)