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2023 Roadwork Information

2023 Roadwork Schedule

The Village of Vernon has several road projects planned for this summer.  The projects include finishing the remaining streets in the Hidden Lakes Subdivision, Hartwig Avenue and Hillview Drive from County Hwy XX (Oakdale Drive) to Aplin Lane.

The road work will consist of four phases. The phases are culvert replacement, milling and grading, paving and shouldering. The first phase will be culvert replacement. Village Staff has identified seven culverts that cross the road that need to be replaced. Village Public Works Staff will replace these culverts in the month of June. During culvert replacement one lane of traffic may be closed. The exception to this maybe the culvert on Hartwig Avenue in between Lakeside Drive and Lakeview Lane crews may need to completely close the road to traffic to allow for that culvert replacement.

Phase two will consist of milling and grading. Crews will grind up the current road in place. Once this is complete crews will then grade the road. Should any areas of the road need new stone Village Staff will complete that work. Tentatively this work is scheduled for the of July 5 – July 14. During this phase the roads and access to your property will remain accessible at all times but you may experience some delays/inconvenience accessing your while crews are directly in front of your home working, but it will only be temporary.

Phase three will consist of repaving the road. During this phase crews will pave the first layer of asphalt once that is complete crews will then return and pave the final layer of asphalt. This work is tentatively scheduled for July 12 – July 14. During this phase the roads will be open to residents to travel to and from their homes. You may experience some delays while crews are directly in front of your home working, but it will only be temporary.

Phase four will consist of shouldering. During this phase Village Staff will be rebuilding the shoulders of the road to match the new road height. This work is tentatively scheduled July 22 – July 31.

Roadwork Schedule can be found at the top of the page. This schedule is tentative and affected by the weather should the schedule change, an updated version will be posted on the Village’s website. Also included is a map of the roads that will be repaved.

As a reminder access to and from your home will remain accessible during this project but there may be instances when you do experience short delays or inconvenience as crews are working near your home. If there is a delay or inconvenience, please be patient and crews will work as quickly as possible. When driving through the construction area please be alert and reduce your speed for the safety of the crews and other residents on the area. The Village will also notify the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department, Vernon Fire Department and the United States Postal Service of the road work. One final reminder is to avoid walking your dog on the freshly paved asphalt as the asphalt comes out of the truck at over 400 degrees and does take time to cool and will burn the pads on your dog’s paw.

If you have any questions regarding these paving projects or the timeline, please contact Brett Bartels, Director of Public Works at 262-662-2039 or at

Map of 2023 Roadwork

2023 Letter to Residents