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The Following Companies/Individuals have been issued a VOV Peddler Permit (updated 10/6/22):

 Company Name                Peddler's Name                  Issued           Expires

For many years the Village of Vernon adopted an ordinance for “Peddlers and Solicitors” to allow individuals to sell door-to-door within the Village of Vernon. Many citizens have asked why the Village of Vernon allows this type of activity in our community.  Federal law mandates that a municipality allow door to door sales or “Solicitation” within their community with the understanding that the municipality can adopt local ordinances to regulate the activity. 

The Village of Vernon’s ordinance requires that the applicant undergo an extensive nation-wide background check, a recent photo, background and personal information and they must appear before the Village Board.  If an application is approved by the Village Board, it is approve for a limited amount of time and all approved solicitors MUST wear an officially issued “Village of Vernon Solicitor Photo Identification Badge” at all times. 

 If someone comes to your property to solicit or sell any type of item or service and does not have a Village of Vernon Solicitors permit, PLEASE contact the Waukesha County Sheriff department at 262-446-5070. There is a fine for solicitors that are soliciting in the Village of Vernon without proper permitting. 

The Village also encourages any Village of Vernon Neighborhood Watch Groups to share this information and always send updated information on approved solicitors with your group. Also remember, you have the right to post on your property “No Solicitation and No Trespassing.” 

 If you have any questions please contact the Clerk Administrator's Office or any Village Board member. 

Peddler Permit Application: Info