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File of Life

fileforlifeWe have implemented the “File of Life” program available to all residents of the Town of Vernon.  This program provides a means for our fire department personnel to obtain critical medical information about you or a member of your family if, for whatever reason, that information cannot be provided to us on our arrival to your emergency scene. 

In order for a resident to participate in the program he or she must complete a “Vernon Fire Department - File of Life” form which can be picked up at Vernon Fire Station 1, located on Woodland drive on the Southwest corner of I-43 and 164 or download form from the Town of Vernon website.  The completed form should then be attached to your main refrigerator door.  We highly recommend this location as it is readily accessible to us and common in most homes.

As our personnel arrive at your residence we can immediately retrieve the information you have provided which will greatly assist us in evaluating you or your family member’s condition and allow us to provide necessary treatment in the fastest amount of time.  A copy of the completed form, available for us to take along to the hospital, would also be helpful. 

Down Load the Form Today:  File for Life