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Point & Pay (On-Line Payment) Info

The Village of Vernon has partnered with Point & Pay now giving you the option of paying your Village fees via a credit/debit card or e-check (w/ a convenience fee). 

Make Payment Now:  Point&Pay

(To Make a Late Property Tax Payment or Property Tax Installment Payment: Waukesha County Treasurer)

For your convenience, payment by credit card is now available (w/ a convenience fee) at the Village Hall or on-line for the following:

  • Bartender License
  • Building Licenses & Permits
  • Culvert Bond
  • Culvert Permit
  • Dog License Fees
  • Occupancy Bond Permit
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Pay My Ambulance Bill
  • Pay My Past Due Bill
  • Plan Commission Fee
  • Planning & Zoning Fees
  • Property Tax
  • Refuse & Recycling Payment
  • Utility Permits
  • Woodchips

Please be sure all proper paperwork, forms, etc. that coincide with your payment (excluding Property Tax) have been turned in/mailed to the Village Clerk Administrator's Office.   

Payment of fees via Point&Pay does not authorize any permit or application.  Applicant will receive formal notification such authorization has been approved directly from the Village of Vernon.  Please contact Vince Budiac - Building Inspector (262-366-2400) for all proper paperwork and fee calculations with regards to building/construction/ remodels, etc. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Village Hall Offices at 262-662-2039.


A Convenience Fee is Charged for this Service:

Property Tax:

Credit/Debit 2.39% with a $1.50 minimum

Non-Tax Flat Convenience Fee:

Options of $3.00 per $100 - no cap on amount paid
(Increments increase any time a penny is added to the next $100.)

Amount Fee
$0-$50.00  $1.50
$50.01-$100.00 $3.00
$100.01-$200.00 $6.00
$200.01-$300.00 $9.00
$300.01-$400.00 $12.00
$400.01-$500.00 $15.00
$501.00-$600.00 $18.00
$601.00-$700.00 $21.00
$701.00-$800.00 $24.00
$801.00-$900.00 $27.00
$901.00-$1000.00 $30.00
  (etc. $3 per $100)
$1.50 up to $10,000.00  
$10.00 over $10,000.01