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Welcome to the Village of Vernon Clerk/Administrator's Office!

The best way to understand the role of the Village Clerk/Administrator's office is to view it as the central information source for the village as well as the gateway to our local government. The Village Clerk/Administrator is an appointed position.

When residents or visitors have a question about village services, it is our office that greets them at the door.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff  will work with your needs in mind and will strive to provide the utmost in satisfaction when responding to your requests.

As Village Clerk/Administrator I am responsible for maintaining all of our village records, complying with Freedom of Information guidelines, maintaining the village website, recording and posting all the minutes of our Village Board meetings, issuing various licenses, as well as offering voter registration and election information. I also maintain and record the finances of the village (which would include accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reports, budget information, audit information), maintain/direct zoning and planning information, give legal notices for special meetings and elections, issue licenses, and in general perform all other duties required by law, ordinance or lawful direction of the village meeting or village board.

My office also provides support to the Village President, Village Board, and the many other departments and divisions of your local village government. These, of course, are just a few of the things I do to help our village run smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

As your Village Clerk/Administrator, I have made it my goal for the Village Clerk/Administrator's Office to treat all Village of Vernon residents with the respect they deserve and to be sensitive and responsive to their needs. I look forward to assisting you in the future and hope your experiences with our office are always pleasant and provide the satisfaction you have come to expect.

Village Clerk/Administrator: Karen Schuh
Phone: 262-662-2039
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday
8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
~ also ~
available by special appointment

Please direct all inquiries for Zoning/Plan Commission to Karen Schuh, Village Clerk/Administrator